Caliente o frío ¿Cuál lubricantes es mejor para avivar la pasión?

Hot or cold, which lubricants are best for fueling passion?

Lubricants are a whole universe, where variety lies in pleasure, that is why there are currently so many presentations that we dare to say that there is one for each type of personality; Something that we have been asked over time is which is better, cold or hot? Answering this is extremely difficult, because there is no one better than another, since this varies depending on the tastes and preferences of each person.

But... what is the difference and its characteristics?

Let's start with the cold ones ; This is ideal for those people who like to increase their sensitivity and achieve maximum pleasure in their sexual relations. Generally, when they are applied, they give a pleasant sensation of freshness that will take the experience to another level of pleasure.

What are the advantages of the cold effect? This type of lubricant intensifies pleasure, facilitates sliding, cares for and hydrates the skin, increases the sensation of contact, produces a super exciting freshness and sensitizes the area which will allow for longer sexual relations.

And the heat ones, what advantages do they have?

The heat ones are a sexual experience full of intensity and passion, once this lubricant comes into contact with the skin you will begin to feel a sensual and soft heat effect, all this will be intensified as you enjoy that new experience.

Hot lubricants will help you intensify pleasure, facilitate sliding, care for and hydrate the skin, increase the sensation of contact and the best part is its warm effect, which will make you see fireworks.

Something very important about both lubricants is that they will ensure less chance of friction and injuries, so you can rest easy.

But what if I want both sensations? Well, we tell you that you can combine them with all the peace of mind in the world, however, we recommend something even better and that is to try our hot-cold multi-orgasm that gives you the best of both worlds.

We suggest that before using any lubricant, you test them on your arm to verify that they do not cause any type of allergic reaction on your skin, once you are clear about the matter... take your imagination wherever you want and remember that Heaven is the limit!

Once you know all the ways to use lubricants, they will become essential in your privacy; They don't necessarily have to be used as a couple, you can also use them alone.

Always keep in mind that all lubricants are different and none is better than the other. Our advice? You don't have to stick with just one option.

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