¿Qué tipo de lubricantes me conviene?

What type of lubricants are best for me?

We have a wide variety of lubricants for each type of sexual encounter, whether as a couple or alone.

If you are looking for a more powerful experience as a couple, full of new sensations, you can use the sexual lubricants that produce a hot/cold effect inside you. A very deep way to achieve extreme sensations and intensify your orgasms and those of your partner.

And why not try flavored lubricants? Electrifying Mango, Electrifying Whiskey Cream, Lychee... You will become a Masterchef of oral sex. Success guarantee!

Would you like to feel vibration with a lubricant? With our electrifying multi-orgasms you will enjoy masturbation with totally new sensations capable of making you reach orgasm more quickly. The perfect combination to stimulate your clitoris.

If you are starting out in the world of vibrators, we recommend that you also take one of our lubricants that are fully compatible with silicone toys. They do not stain anything and are super easy to remove, something that always worries us when using a sexual lubricant . Don't worry anymore and start enjoying the extrasensory sensations that your vibrator will give you!

Problems with the rear door? If you like to play from behind, with anal relaxation lubricants all your problems will end. Its properties favor its dilation and elasticity so that you can enjoy one of the highest pleasures of our body.

We want your time here to be as pleasant as our products!

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