Entrégate al orgasmo en estas fiestas

Give yourself over to orgasm this holiday season

There will be times when reaching orgasm is not just about relaxing if the person has some condition that goes beyond that, but in most cases it is a purely psychological issue that can be solved through relaxation. but... How can you relax and let yourself go?

The first thing you should do is breathe, but not in any way; Sit with your legs crossed, with your back straight and your eyes closed, inhale and fill your diaphragm with air, here you will notice how your belly inflates and when it is well filled with air, continue breathing in through your lungs, when you can't fill them anymore, do One last effort, breathe in a little more, when you can't take it anymore, breathe out very slowly all the air, enjoying this moment.

Repeat this exercise five times and don't forget to enjoy your breathing, even if you don't believe it, exercising relaxation is the most important part (and even if it doesn't seem like it) the most difficult, one way to do it is to practice yoga or muscle relaxation techniques.

When you have mastered relaxing, we recommend that you prepare the environment for the sexual encounter or self-exploration , because by having that area covered as you like, you will be able to let yourself go much more easily and comfortably, when you feel that you are at a level of relaxation. quite high excitement, remember the way of breathing that we have explained to you previously and apply it, then you will begin to notice how your body flows and has new sensations.

You may not reach orgasm the first time, but that does not mean that you will not enjoy the excitement and the moment, remember that orgasm cannot be your only goal.

Apply it and tell us how it goes ♥

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