¿Los lubricantes tienen beneficios en la salud sexual?

Do lubricants have sexual health benefits?

Although lubricants were initially used to help those people who have little lubrication during sex, they currently play other important roles within it, since they help to bring pleasure and even the fun of the entire situation; They are not necessarily used with other people, they can also be used for self-exploration, where they will give you quite pleasant textures to use toys and discover what you like and what you don't, in the same way, they can also be used and enjoyed for oral sex and anal.

But are there benefits to using lubricants during sex? The answer is YES, as we mentioned before, lubricants help a lot with vaginal dryness, because when used they hydrate and at the same time protect you from any friction that can cause irritation and even wounds that can become infected, so these types of products will help you. They will give the security and comfort that you are looking for.

For those women who have just gone through childbirth and want to resume their sexual life, once they have passed the quarantine and if there is no contraindication from their doctor, they can do so as normal; It is common to be afraid that sex may hurt and be uncomfortable, that is why we recommend that you use lubricants, since during pregnancy you had hormonal changes and your body is trying to return to normal, so while that happens, our products will be your best ally. .

Likewise, lubricants are a total wonder for Anal sex, since we well know that it does not lubricate naturally. So using them guarantees that penetration is smooth, pleasant and above all safe, taking this into account and even if you don't believe it, lubricants also provide great benefits in condoms and how? Well, if you use the right lubricant, you can prevent the condom from breaking during the sexual act, thus avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and even pregnancy, so it's a WIN TO WIN.

We recommend that you read the characteristics and functions of each lubricant very carefully, since there is a wide variety of them, for example, there are hot ones, cold ones, hybrid ones, those that are water-based, oil-based or silicone-based. , etc.

IMPORTANT : Only use products designed exclusively for intimacy, forget about homemade “Lubricants” such as Vaseline, baby oil or any type of oil in general, since these can considerably affect your health, as they can cause irritation, allergic reactions and even highly serious infections, because these products are not designed for the skin.

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