Todo lo que deberías saber de las Fantasías sexuales

Everything you should know about sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies are a whole universe that unfortunately brings with them countless taboos, however, they should not exist, since we have all fantasized about something or someone at some point in our lives. But what is a sexual fantasy? In short, this is the mental illusion that we create, mostly unconsciously, about sexual relationships that we want to have, that we want to live and, above all, that we like to imagine because it excites us.

Sexual fantasies are very common and although it may not seem like it, they have their benefits, such as helping to increase sexual arousal both individually and as a couple, it also allows you to get to know each other in a more intimate way and the most important thing is that it allows you to access and experience those sexual behaviors that have not yet been carried out, it is important to highlight that sexual fantasies are an excellent starting point for a wonderful sexual practice.

It is very common to share these fantasies with your partner, as this can enrich the entire relationship, and it is also completely normal to fulfill one or another fantasy alone.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to carry out all those sexual fantasies that cross the mind, since in some cases the following must be kept in mind:

  • That they are in accordance with one's own values.
  • That they agree with the couple's values.
  • Let there be a mutual agreement.
  • That what you are doing does not threaten third parties.

And what kind of sexual fantasies exist?

There are fantasies that occur more regularly and occur more spontaneously.

The interesting thing about this whole topic is that you can be the protagonist or a simple spectator of the matter, something that we must all keep in mind is that there are no right or wrong sexual fantasies, nor better or worse, this is simply the result of the preferences of each individual, the fascinating thing is that the contents of each one can be unlimited and very varied, however, the most frequent ones can be classified as follows:

Intimate erotic sexual fantasies: these are the ones in which the partner or crush usually appears, in these the content is usually more romantic or simply more exciting. Common sexual practices such as masturbation, oral or anal sex, etc. also fall into this category.

Exploratory fantasies: these incorporate new elements, such as partner exchange or the entry of a new person into the sexual relationship, the entire bisexual, gay or lesbian component also enters.

Sadomasochistic fantasies : here we have fantasies based on power play, in which arousal is produced by submission or dominance.

Fantasies of an impersonal nature: excitement is achieved through a situation, a sexual toy or a fetish.

Pleasurable fantasies: where a specific sexual situation or relationship already experienced is recreated.

Quick guide to increasing your ability to fantasize

  • Be imaginative and pay attention to details : Pay close attention to small details such as the place, the color of the clothes, the aromas; The above are very important aspects to create a perfect fantasy, for this you must have your five senses very active.
  • Try not to make it the big story : it can be short images with an important load of personal and sensory content.
  • What turns each person on is strictly individual : so it doesn't have to be something explicitly sexual, it can be romantic, sensual, etc. Discover what causes the greatest desire or excitement in you and enhance it

Sex is a world full of possibilities, where the sky is the limit and the more freedom we feel in this area, the greater our imagination will be when it comes to getting excited and enjoying it.

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