Wholesale customer policies.

We are happy that you are part of our family of distributors!

Our Sen intimate brands are manufactured in our laboratory and have INVIMA registration and ISO 13485 certification. With our brand we are sure to provide you with quality and trustworthy products, with the best sensations and experiences for your customers. We carry intimate lubricants, candles and delay massage oils, among other accessories. Additionally, we offer you imported toys and lingerie.

Our product line includes:

Medical devices: Intimate lubricants, multi-orgasms, anal lubricants, intimate retardants, narrowers, among others.

Sensual cosmetics: Kissable creams, massage oils, massage candles with pheromones, concentrated pheromones, personal care and wellness and many more products that increase desire and passion.


  • Permanent and personalized advice on setting up points of sale, display, integration with digital sales platforms, and product suggestions for initial and subsequent orders according to rotation.
  • Support with advertising and instructional pieces for products for use on networks and at the point of sale, Development of graphic pieces for advertising at the point of sale.
  • Permanent and constant training of products, sales processes to the personnel in charge.
  • Support in the relevant documentation and certifications that show the legality of the products such as INVIMA certifications.

To be part of our wholesale customers and obtain our great discounts, these are our basic conditions:

How can I be a wholesaler?

Making a minimum initial purchase of $1,000,000 (net invoice total) on the products in our portfolio

What documentation do I require to be a wholesale seller?

Photocopy of the ID and updated copy of the RUT.

Names of people authorized to place orders and cell phone.

Office address, with city, corresponding department.


Fill out the link sent by the advisor with the required information.


What discounts do I receive as a wholesaler?

You will always have from 35% to 50% on line products on the suggested retail price.

How do I place my orders?

Contact your advisor in charge and send the selected references via WhatsApp.

  • Select the desired shipping and payment method.
  • The advisor verifies the order and sends the preliminary with the pertinent news to make the payment and schedule the order for dispatch.



How to pay?

You can deposit or transfer to our bank accounts Industrias San Fiorano SAS NIT 900150027-6.

  • Bancolombia Savings Account #23043805011 Transfers x Internet cost $0.
  • Cash payment on orders in the Medellín metropolitan area.
  • Credit card payments through Mercado Pago,

When does my order arrive?

After payment has been confirmed (send proof to the advisor via email or WhatsApp, the order is dispatched within a maximum of 48 business hours. Our working hours are Monday to Friday from 7am to 6:00pm.

How do you ship my orders?

Orders are sent by carriers such as Servientrega, Envía, Deprisa, TCC, etc. or by courier in the metropolitan area of ​​Medellín. The dispatch time is a maximum of 48 hours once payment of the order amount has been canceled and confirmed and the delivery time depends on the carrier used and the delivery destination.

How much is the shipping?

If your purchases are over $1,000,000 before VAT in cash, shipping on your products is free! If purchases are less than $1,000,000 before VAT, the shipping cost is covered by the client, either by dispatch with freight payment on delivery (the cost is higher since our corporate rate does not apply and it does not apply with all carriers) or a preliminary quote is made at the time of placing the order quote for your preferred carrier.

Shipping costs for Medellín with courier are $10,000

What is the minimum purchase I can make after the first order?

Once coded as a wholesale customer, we ship orders starting at 150,000 (before taxes and shipping costs).

If the order is less than $150,000 before VAT, a charge of $2,500 is made on the invoice for the logistics operation.

How long do I have to keep my wholesale discounts?

After 3 months without making purchases, you are automatically removed from the system and must place orders again with the requirements valid to date.

How many days do you reserve the products for me?

If after two days of confirming the order, it has not been cancelled, no inventory is reserved, it is important with high turnover products and/or special dates, since you will have to reassemble your order.

What are the opening hours of the advisors and offices?

Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm. Therefore, you must plan your orders so that you take into account the delivery and transit time.

What returns does the company accept?

The company accepts returns regarding quality of watered products (in their original packaging), dry, packaging damaged by transportation (you must report immediately upon receiving the product in poor condition).

All returns are subject to review and approval before being sent to the warehouse.

Returns after the report has been made must be sent within a maximum of 3 business days and the proof of shipping (transporter guide) must be sent to the assigned advisor.

What news should I report upon receiving my order?

Packaging damaged by transport: You must report to the person in charge of the carrier and the sales advisor immediately upon receiving the product in poor condition without opening the box, attaching photographs of the box in the state it is received, review the contents of the box in front to the person in charge of the transporter and if possible make a video, if they do not do this, sign the receipt note with the note “box in poor condition and unverified”.

If the box does not have the company's countermarked tape: You must report to the person in charge of the conveyor and the sales advisor immediately upon receiving the product, informing them that the box is not as it was shipped without opening the box, attaching photographs of the box in the condition received, sign the receipt with the note “box without original tape and unverified”.

After receiving the order you have a maximum of 48 hours to notify us of any new content of the order.