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Love Bubble Sachet X 50Ml Sen Intimo

Love Bubble Sachet X 50Ml Sen Intimo

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Sen Bath Foam is a product for obtaining a relaxing bath in which foams and moisturizing agents give the skin the necessary softness to have a pleasant sensation of freshness.

How to use: To use in a bathtub, you must plug the water outlet and deposit the desired amount of "Sen Bath Foam". The lower water faucet must be opened and the tub or bathtub filled. Remember that the higher the water pressure, the greater the amount of bubbles you will get. This product should not be mixed with oils, as it loses its foaming power.

For optimal results, pour out the entire contents of the sachet before filling the bathtub.

  • Quantity : 50 Ml sachet
  • Confidentiality : Your orders are sent in a completely sealed opaque box or envelope without any type of external marks. Your privacy is very important to us.
  • Thickness : 7 cm
  • Total Length : 16 cm
  • Weight : 55 gr
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