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Intimate Soap X 250 Ml Sen Intimo

Intimate Soap X 250 Ml Sen Intimo

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Elevate your daily intimate care with our 250 ml Feminine Intimate Soap, a delicate and natural solution to maintain the freshness and protection of female intimate areas. Its gentle and moisturizing formula does not alter the vaginal pH, ensuring the natural balance of your body.

This intimate soap has a gentle and refreshing cleansing action, thanks to the benefits of natural chamomile and aloe vera extracts. These ingredients work together to balance and protect the skin, preventing irritation and offering an antiseptic action.

Its application is easy: apply it to your intimate areas and rinse to enjoy a delicate and long-lasting cleansing. The 250 ml quantity ensures long and convenient use.

For care and cleaning, it is recommended to use a mild soap or intimate toy cleaner. Your privacy is our priority, so orders are sent in a completely sealed and opaque box or envelope, without external marks. Discover the freshness and protection that your body deserves with our Intimate Feminine Soap. Buy now and enjoy naturalness and confidentiality in your daily routine!

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