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Hot Lubricant Coffee Moka X 30 Ml Sen Intimo

Hot Lubricant Coffee Moka X 30 Ml Sen Intimo

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Awaken your senses with Cafe Moka, the special touch to make your intimate life more fun and exciting. This unique product allows you to enjoy exciting heat and delicious flavor in your most intimate moments.

The method of use is simple and versatile: apply Cafe Moka to the intimate area or condom, stimulate, generate friction or blow to experience the sensation of heat. Suitable for oral sex and penetration, this product adds a playful and delicious element to your intimate encounters.

Your privacy is our priority, so orders are sent in a completely sealed and opaque box or envelope, without external marks. Cafe Moka is designed to make your intimate moments a unique and exciting experience. Buy now and add a touch of flavor and warmth to your intimate life with guaranteed confidentiality!

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