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Mint Lubricant X 30 Ml Sen Intimo

Mint Lubricant X 30 Ml Sen Intimo

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Discover the pleasure of a classic that never fails with our intimate mint lubricant. Designed to elevate your intimate moments, this mint-flavored lubricant offers irresistible freshness, creating a unique and stimulating sensation.

Carefully formulated water-based, our lubricant is gentle and gentle on your skin, providing smooth, long-lasting lubrication. Its silky texture makes it the perfect choice to intensify the intimate connection, whether applied directly to the desired area or over condoms.

This lubricant is not only ideal for improving comfort and glide during intimate relations, but it also takes pleasure to new heights when it comes to oral sex. The refreshing mint essence adds an exciting and delicious dimension to every encounter, creating a very cool and memorable experience.

Committed to ethics, our intimate mint lubricant has not been tested on animals and is approved by INVIMA, guaranteeing not only your pleasure but also your peace of mind.

Experience excellence in intimate lubrication with our mint classic, elevating each encounter to unimaginable levels of sensuality and freshness.

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